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Jeng Jundian was born in Kinmen in 1963, and graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, in 1987. He lived in Paris from 1996 to 1998 and frequently travels back to France. He currently lives and works in Taipei.


At the heart of Jeng Jundian’s work is a constant research on light and color. After producing a large body of abstract works during the first years of his career, he has since the mid-1990s turned to depicting the world through a deeply personal painting style involving color lines, crisscrosses, meshes and grids. This enables him to reinterpret light and shadow within the space of his canvas, letting the viewer’s eye travel back and forth between the obvious and the elusive. Sometimes coming back multiple times to the same subject either by revisiting it through these two different techniques or by changing perspectives, Jeng brings out a contemplative quality and refinement to the frame. Jeng usually first captures topics and shapes through the lens of his camera, often concentrating on the unseen details of his surroundings -- the mundane, the ordinary -- that trough his gaze then take on a surreal presence and power.

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